Vehicle parts from VIEROL: We provide mobility.

VIEROL AG is a successful international specialist for electronic components and engine management in the automotive sector. We deliver more than 43,000 high-quality vehicle parts in 125 countries on all continents. The product portfolio of our quality brands VEMO, VAICO and ACKOJAP goes from EGR valves to timing belts. As an owner-managed, family company with its headquarters in Oldenburg, Germany, and subsidiaries in Atlanta, Shanghai and Singapore, we guarantee mobility worldwide with our automotive replacement parts.










12 December 2017
Change of leadership in the VIEROL Supervisory Board

On 1 January 2018, Dr Rolf Hollander, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Neumüller CEWE Color Stiftung, a foundation in Oldenburg, will take over the Chair of the Supervisory Board of VIEROL AG. Previously the Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board, he was unanimously appointed in the Supervisory Board Meeting on 8 December 2017. […] Read more


25 October 2017
VIEROL is a new partner of i2b

Following the motto, “Contacts only harm those that do not have them”, VIEROL AG is now the new cooperative partner of i2b, which has over 9,350 members that form the large economic and science network in the North-West area of Germany. Up to 700 guests regularly participate in the i2b MeetUp events which take place […] Read more


09 August 2017
Successful Recertification in accordance with ISO 9001:2015

VIEROL AG passed the recertification process in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 in June 2017. The inspector from DEKRA highlighted the exemplary quality standard in the sectors of world-wide sales and marketing of vehicle parts, warehousing and logistics. This is true for both the company headquarters in Oldenburg and the logistics centre in Rastede. VIEROL AG […] Read more


12 April 2017
Political change under the new President Donald Trump and the effects on the EU and Germany, as a leading export nation

VIEROL AG invited 100 people from the North-West Region to an event on economic policy at the company headquarters on 06/04/2017 in the evening. Fred B. Irwin, Honorary President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany, and David McAllister, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament, who are both competent […] Read more


23 February 2017
Elisabeth Children’s Hospital celebrates a large donation

The Association of the Friends of Elisabeth Children’s Hospital (e.V) received significant financial support today. On 12/01/2017, VIEROL AG celebrated their traditional New Year’s reception and the 40 year anniversary of the company. Many of around 250 guests used this occasion to give a donation. This raised around 14,390 euros in total. This figure was […] Read more

We provide mobility in more than 125 countries. With leading German automotive engineering.

Success, that continues to carry us further: our three quality brands VEMO, VAICO and ACKOJAP benefit from decades of experience of VIEROL AG in the international Independent Automotive Aftermarket.

Unsere Geschichte

Die VIEROL AG wurde 1977 von Jürgen R. Viertelhaus gegründet. Seitdem ist das Oldenburger Unternehmen kontinuierlich gewachsen und hat sich als internationaler Spezialist für elektronische Bauteile und Motormanagement fest am Markt etabliert.

The Board of VIEROL AG - a successful company with strong leadership

Since January 1st, 2016, the family-owned company has been managed by Mirja Viertelhaus-Koschig, daughter of company founder Jürgen R. Viertelhaus.

„Our company’s success is based on the high level of commitment and the professional qualifications of our employees“

– says Mirja Viertelhaus-Koschig, CEO of VIEROL AG

Ulf R. Koschig, Deputy Chairman, joined the company in 1995 and is responsible for the Sales and Marketing division of the board. Jürgen K. Kiese has been at VIEROL AG since 1992. As another member of the board, he is responsible for the Logistics and IT areas.

Ulf R. Koschig – Deputy Chairman of VIEROL AG

Ulf R. Koschig has been active in a leading sales position at VIEROL AG since 1995. He has been responsible for the Sales and Marketing areas in the board since 2001. He is also the managing partner of VIEROL Asia Pte. Ltd.

„It is not the most intelligent company, or the company with the most capital that will do best in the era of digitalisation, but the one that can adapt to market changes and customer requirements.“

– says Ulf R. Koschig, Deputy Chairman of the Board of VIEROL AG

The company founder: Jürgen R. Viertelhaus

After a professional career in the international automotive business, Jürgen R. Viertelhaus founded VIEROL AG on 31 January 1977 in Rastede, Germany. The following decades saw many significant milestones being reached that very positively influenced the development of our medium-sized family company.

Profitable, financially sound, organisationally and strategically well positioned – VIEROL AG will also continue to master the business challenges in the coming years.

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