The company founder: Jürgen R. Viertelhaus

14. December 2017
After a professional career in the international automotive business, Jürgen R. Viertelhaus founded VIEROL AG on 31 January 1977 in Rastede, Germany. The following decades saw many significant milestones being reached that very positively influenced the development of our medium-sized family company.

1998: After successes doing business in trade, dealing and advisory services, the company moved towards protected own-brands: VAICO stands for engine and transmission components and VEMO for electronic components, with a specialisation in the most important technical areas of vehicles, including automatic air conditioning units. As economic independence increased, rapid expansion to the most significant foreign markets started.

2002: VIEROL Automotive GmbH changed into a corporation, or Aktiengesellschaft, which led to greater consideration and acceptance on the world market, particularly from foreign business partners.
Founding subsidiaries, VIEROL Asia Ute., Ltd. in 2001 in Singapore, and VIEROL Shanghai Co., Ltd. in 2006 in Shanghai in China, has made a large contribution to the economically successful expansion of VIEROL AG.

2006: We created a competitive service by constructing a new logistics centre in Rastede, which now has a total surface area of 12,500 m².

2012: Our new 3,000 m², architecturally and functionally designed headquarters in Oldenburg, which is equipped with the latest office and communication technology, will secure further economically successful growth in the coming years.
The high-quality and certified products from VIEROL AG, without which no car runs, although this is not visible to the driver, are now delivered to importers or specialist dealers in over 125 countries worldwide.

2016: There is a generation change with transfer of the leadership of our family company to Ms Mirja Viertelhaus-Koschig as Chairwoman of the Board. Jürgen R. Viertelhaus moves to the Supervisory Board as Chairman. The range is extended with the ACKOJAP own-brand for Asian automotive replacement parts.

Our decade-long company success is not only due to numerous correct and foresight-based business decisions. More specifically, the expansion of VIEROL AG is based on our qualified, motivated and committed employees, without whom long-term success would not be possible into the future.

2018: In accordance with the plan and statutory requirements, Jürgen R. Viertelhaus, 75 years old, transfers the Chair of the Supervisory Board to Dr Rolf Hollander (Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Neumüller CEWE Color Stiftung foundation in Oldenburg).
Profitable, financially sound, organisationally and strategically well positioned – VIEROL AG will also continue to master the business challenges in the coming years.