VIEROL supports humanitarian aid for Ukraine

06 April 2022

With a fundraising campaign, VIEROL AG wants to send a signal of solidarity and help those who have fled the war in Ukraine.

As an international trading company, VIEROL AG lives and works by the principle that challenges can only be solved together. Especially in times of crisis, cohesion and support are particularly important. Two aid organisations from the region were therefore selected to support the refugees seeking refuge and protection in the Oldenburg region with donations in cash and in kind.

At the end of March 2022, 5,000 euros each were donated to the aid organisation Oldenburg hilft der Ukraine on the one hand and to the joint aid campaign of Caritas, Diakonie and the NWZ on the other. In addition, the VIEROL team was involved in a collection campaign for donations in kind organised by the trainees. A total of two pallets with products for daily use were handed over to the aid organisation “Oldenburg helps Ukraine”. With non-perishable food, infant and toddler supplies, hygiene articles and other urgently needed products, the aim is to make a significant contribution to supplying the refugees as quickly as possible.

“In view of the dramatic situation in Ukraine, we see it as our responsibility to help the refugees and to give them the greatest possible support here in the Oldenburg region quickly and without red tape. We were pleased to experience the great cohesion of our team and the solidarity for the people in need,” said the CEO of VIEROL AG, Ms Mirja Viertelhaus-Koschig.