VIEROL has again been awarded the IHK – TOP Ausbildung seal of quality

28 February 2023

The Oldenburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) has recertified 15 member companies from the region and awarded them the TOP AUSBILDUNG seal of quality. Among them is VIEROL, which had already received the seal in the past and may now carry it for another three years.

In a full-day audit, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce uses a comprehensive catalogue of criteria to examine the training quality of the companies in the areas of training marketing/career orientation, start of training, planning and implementation of training, preparation for examinations and personnel development. VIEROL was able to prove that it continues to meet the required high quality standards in all areas of vocational training and was therefore once again awarded the TOP AUSBILDUNG seal of quality.

At a ceremony, IHK President Jan Müller praised the quality level of the companies and their great commitment to training future skilled workers. “They are all excellent examples of how the business community must respond to the difficult skilled labour situation in the area of training,” said Müller. In addition to the quality of training, he also praised the willingness of the companies to share their training approaches with other companies in order to improve the overall quality of training in the region.

Pictures: Andreas Burmann