The industry as a guest at VIEROL

20 April 2023

On 19 and 20 April, the GVA Junior Working Group (JAK) met at the parts specialist VIEROL in Oldenburg. More than 50 representatives of GVA member companies from the automotive parts wholesale trade, the automotive parts industry and providers of technical information came together for the first meeting of the Junior Working Group (JAK) in 2023.

VIEROL, as a long-standing GVA industry member, invited the industry meeting to the premises of its ACADEMY. The parts specialist was delighted with a fully booked event and the JAK members with exciting industry news and a great supporting programme. It was the ideal opportunity to make contacts, exchange experiences and follow the first-class lecture programme. In addition, those interested were given an insight behind the scenes at VIEROL AG.

“We are delighted to be able to exchange ideas with other industry professionals and to have the panel meeting at the VIEROL ACADEMY. The high number of participants shows how important the mutual exchange is for the development of the industry,” says Ibrahim Chahrour, Head of Marketing & Product Management at VIEROL AG.

Platform for the industry

After receiving and welcoming the visitors by Ulf R. Koschig, Deputy Chairman of the Board of VIEROL AG, Ibrahim Chahrour offered first insights behind the scenes of “Smart Repair Solutions and Strong Logistics”. In the afternoon, further exciting presentations on selected topics that move the industry today and in the coming years awaited the participants.

In the internal part of the meeting, new members and guests were welcomed. In addition, industry topics were discussed and external speakers highlighted, among other things, the opportunities and sales potential in the European automotive aftermarket. Furthermore, the election of the new JAK board was on the agenda.

After the interesting series of lectures, an exciting conclusion awaited the numerous participants. The Kohltour – an Oldenburg tradition. The Kohltour, also called Kohlfahrt, is a real tradition and has been part of Oldenburg for over 150 years. The Kohltour is to the people of Oldenburg what the carnival is to the people of the Rhineland and thus a sociable highlight and conclusion to the day of the event. Over excellent food, the participants exchanged industry news and experiences until late in the evening.