Road to Sustainability

22 September 2023

Responsible and sustainable management is as much a part of VIEROL AG’s tradition as entrepreneurial action according to ethical principles. The fundamental consideration is based on careful handling of the resources available to us. Since its foundation, the medium-sized family business has been confronted with challenges such as the shortage of skilled workers, scarce resources and a rapidly changing market situation.

Ecological responsibility and environmentally conscious solutions

As a company that shapes the future, sustainability is an integral part of its actions and deeply rooted in the corporate values of VIEROL AG. In order to ensure its long-term success, the company therefore focuses on sustainable further development and continuous improvement. On the one hand, the measures are based on various sustainability dimensions, which include the environment, people and business, and are thereby based on established quality, energy and environmental management activities. These include the innovative energy concept of the logistics centre, which includes a complete power supply from renewable energies. The centre’s own environmentally friendly electricity is generated by means of a modern photovoltaic system, while its own combined heat and power plant generates additional electricity and heat by means of a biogas plant. An intelligent ventilation concept with heat recovery and lighting exclusively with LED lights round off the sustainable concept.

Sustainability through resource conservation and product development

The sustainability commitment also includes activities that consider the entire value chain and integrate it into the company’s sustainability goals – from product development to purchasing and shipping logistics, the goals are aligned with ecological factors. In product management at VIEROL, this includes the efficient use of resources in the development of repair solutions for the quality VAICO brand and, linked to this, reducing the environmental impact of the maintenance of modern vehicles through the brand’s sustainability management. To this end, product managers work closely with suppliers and manufacturing plants to use environmentally friendly packaging and reduce plastic and waste. The same applies to shipping packaging.

Reuse instead of waste

With a clear statement on a resource-saving circular economy, the family-owned company relies on recycled containers as one of many measures in the production of operating materials, where significantly less plastic has to be produced and the container has a share of 30% recycled material (PCR share). In this way, VIEROL takes a multi-level approach to sustainability by using secondary raw materials in production and by sourcing from regional manufacturers, which also reduces CO2 emissions during transport. In addition, energy saving and greenhouse gas reduction come into play: the production of PCR material usually requires less energy than the production of new plastic, which lowers the Co2 emissions caused. In this way, the products of our own quality brand VAICO make an active contribution to the protection of resources and sustainable vehicle maintenance.

VIEROL AG’s sustainability management is based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which, as global sustainability goals, are the success factor for future economic activity and thus the central challenges of our time. It is the task of all social actors – and thus also the task of VIEROL AG – to actively meet these challenges. They determine the development and actions of the automotive specialist. At the same time, they provide the family-owned company with a good compass for strategic development and successful positioning in the markets and in competition.