Car Workshop 4.0

06 June 2023

Take a look into the future together and experience innovation.

At an event at the Academy, the team of the Autowerkstatt 4.0 project presented the current research on AI-supported vehicle diagnostics. In addition to a presentation of the technology, the focus was on the use of the technology, added value for workshops and participation in the project.

AI diagnostics: workshop to experience AW 4.0 at first hand

Practice and theory in one – that is the experience of around 20 independent workshops who had the opportunity to learn more about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in maintenance and repair as well as the latest research results from the Autowerkstatt 4.0 project in a fast-track course at the VIEROL ACADEMY in Rastede.

An exciting day awaited all event participants: Together with VIEROL, the AW 4.0 team organised an informative event for independent workshops in Oldenburg and the surrounding area, which together provided an interesting insight into the world of artificial intelligence and its application in vehicle diagnostics – and invited to intensive discussions, practical measurements and networking.

Ibrahim Chahrour, Head of Marketing & Product Management at VIEROL, welcomed all visitors to the training room and emphasised the importance of the exchange of experiences with practitioners from workshops for the daily work of VIEROL AG and the funding project. Lukas Jakubczyk from the Georg Agricola University of Applied Sciences (THGA) explained the challenges of the workshop presented the project as well as the goals and benefits of KI-Diagnose.

The lack of qualified workers is a driving factor for workshops to deal with AI diagnostics. Jens Voigt, Managing Director of Auto Frömel in Osnabrück, became aware of AW 4.0 through a presentation by Professor Marco Barenkamp and is enthusiastic about the solution the project offers: “We have a shortage of employees. Good at working precisely and meaningfully.

During the oscilloscope measurement, the event participants were able to get directly involved in the practical part. Stephan Bökelmann, also a member of the THGA, showed the participants live voltage curves displayed with an oscilloscope and asked the professionals to interpret the errors. The participants’ assessments ranged from a better understanding of fault diagnosis, the further digitalisation of work processes and their own workshop to the possibilities of countering the shortage of skilled workers through AI-supported diagnosis.

Ibrahim Chahrour calls the “AW Day 4.0” a success: “We are happy to have practical workshops where we can exchange ideas with technicians,” says the marketing expert. “Supporting troubleshooting in the workshop with AI-supported diagnostics is of interest to VIEROL because we always want to understand the replacement of parts even better,” Ibrahim Chahrour continues.