VIEROL is the new partner of FC Rastede

23 February 2023

VIEROL is not only committed to the success of its customers, but also to the region in which the company is located. As part of this commitment, VIEROL is now a proud sponsor of the FC Rastede football team.

“With FC Rastede, we have found a regional partner that is very similar to us: uncomplicated, personal and full of team spirit,” says Ibrahim Chahrour, Head of Marketing at VIEROL AG.

VIEROL is convinced that sport plays an important role in society, especially for young people. Therefore, VIEROL also supports the targeted and sustainable youth work of FC Rastede with this step. By cooperating with FC Rastede, VIEROL sets another sign of regional solidarity.

In addition to supporting FC Rastede, VIEROL is also involved in other areas of sport. This year, for example, the company joined the circle of main sponsors of the EWE Baskets and also supports the Baskets4Life initiative.

The partnership with FC Rastede is another example of VIEROL’s commitment to the region and its people. The company wishes FC Rastede every success for the current season!