VIEROL is committed to TuS Eversten

16 October 2023

The Oldenburg-based family business and automotive specialist is particularly committed to supporting social and sporting projects. As the main and jersey sponsor, VIEROL now adorns the chest of the green and white football teams of TuS Eversten e.V..

In addition to its support of the Baskets4Life initiative as a north-west sponsor and its commitment as the main sponsor of the EWE Baskets, VIEROL is also involved in other sporting and social areas. For example, the company is also active in sponsoring FC Rastede and the Oldenburger Landesturnier. In this way, VIEROL supports sports clubs from the region, especially in the area of children and youth.

“The commitment to TuS Eversten e.V. reflects our focus on promoting young talent. We want these young players to be at the centre of our efforts and to receive the best possible support,” says Ulf Koschig, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of VIEROL AG.

In addition to the presence on the jersey chest and the training clothing at the youth teams of the football department, a major aspect of the cooperation, in addition to the promotional presence as a jersey sponsor, will be the sustainable strategy of TuS Eversten e.V. in youth work and the associated communication.

“We are pleased to further expand our successful sports commitment with TuS Eversten e.V.,” emphasises Ibrahim Chahrour, Head of Marketing at VIEROL AG. “TuS Eversten and VIEROL are a perfect match: regionally rooted, innovative and with a strong will to succeed” continued Chahrour.

The club is also looking forward to the cooperation. “The partnership with VIEROL is an elementary building block for the further development of the club. At the same time, we are very proud to wear the brand of a regionally anchored and internationally successful company on our chest,” says Dieter Hake, treasurer at TuS Eversten e.V..

By cooperating with TuS Eversten e.V., VIEROL is sending out a further signal of regional solidarity and sporting commitment.