VIEROL is a new partner of i2b

25 October 2017
Following the motto, “Contacts only harm those that do not have them”, VIEROL AG is now the new cooperative partner of i2b, which has over 9,350 members that form the large economic and science network in the North-West area of Germany.

Up to 700 guests regularly participate in the i2b MeetUp events which take place in Bremen and Bremerhaven. Exciting, innovative topics, introductory speeches and intensive podium discussions are at the heart of each network meeting.

The first event in Oldenburg, the i2b meet-up on the topic of “Change management – open heart surgery” took place on 26 October 2017 at 6:30 pm in the Alte Fleiwa in Oldenburg. Mirja Viertelhaus-Koschig, Chairwoman of VIEROL AG, took part in the podium discussion. Lars Reckermann, Chief Editor of the Nordwest-Zeitung newspaper, was the presenter.