VIEROL becomes sponsoring partner of the DAV

18 September 2023

The automotive specialist shares its knowledge of trade and global logistics of vehicle parts with students and plans to open a seminar room on the topic of “Evolution of Mobility” at the German Foreign Trade and Transport Academy (DAV) in Bremen.

VIEROL AG from Oldenburg is the new official sponsor of the German Foreign Trade and Transport Academy (DAV) in Bremen at SRH University. The family-owned company will show the future specialists and managers for foreign trade and logistics exciting perspectives of an internationally operating automotive specialist and will support the students with practical topics as an active sponsoring partner.

“This is a great format to communicate our diverse and global business to interested parties as part of the partnership and to meet potential candidates for joining our company,” explains Ibrahim Chahrour, Head of Marketing & Product Management at VIEROL AG. “Especially on the topics around foreign trade as well as global logistics with the daily challenges of supply chain management and sustainability in logistics, we want to provide practical support as an active funding partner and thus optimally combine theory and practice,” Ibrahim Chahrour continues.

Thomas Zink, Director of Studies at DAV is pleased about VIEROL joining as a new funding partner. “With VIEROL, we are building another bridge to practical and user-oriented further education for the specialists and managers of tomorrow’s logistics and look forward to new impulses – welcome VIEROL”.

To kick off the funding partnership, the seminar room designed on the theme of “Evolution of Mobility” will be ceremonially opened in October together with company representatives from VIEROL AG as well as students and graduates. This is a good opportunity for sponsors, cooperation partners and, of course, students to engage in an intensive and open exchange on current topics and perspectives in the industry and in human resources development.

About the DAV
At the German Foreign Trade and Transport Academy (DAV) in Bremen, young business people learn from practice for practice – the specialists and managers for the logistics of tomorrow. The students come from all over Germany. They study International Logistics Management (part-time or full-time), Digital Supply Chain Management or train to become IHK-certified specialists in freight transport and logistics. DAV has been training young professionals since 1960 and is part of the SRH universities.