VIEROL AG relaunches the B2B Online Shop

03 May 2016
The VIEROL AG in-company online shop has enabled clients to quickly and simply order automotive parts and accessories for almost 20 years. The successful automotive supplier is using the big relaunch to react to the challenges and mobility in the automotive business. The online shop, with over 30,000 products from the VEMO and VAICO quality brands, shines bright with its new design and persuasive new features and functions.

The new online shop is more modern, leaner and more informative than ever, and is providing a new impetus in the automotive aftermarket.

  • Modern design
  • Also optimised for smartphones and tablets
  • Intuitive search process
  • High performance and very reliable
  • As both an order and an information platform
  • New features such as a download centre, automatic news, rating system and blog
  • Unparalleled product presentation in a 360° view