VIEROL rises to become a Northwest supporter

12 July 2022

Multi-year commitment to Baskets4Life e.V.

Baskets4Life e.V. and VIEROL AG are expanding their joint commitment in the coming years. Thus, the B4L will receive further support for its social projects, as VIEROL will take on a significantly larger role from August and will move up from being a sponsor to a Northwest sponsor and will also become the main sponsor of the StreetBaskets4Life project.

“It is important to us to achieve a sustainable impact with the social projects. Our approach has a decisive intention: we don’t want to work on symptoms, but offer assistance and solutions for children and young people at an early stage,” says Hermann Schüller, 2nd Chairman of Baskets4Life e.V. “We take social responsibility very seriously and know that VIEROL is a perfect partner in this.”

Ulf R. Koschig, Deputy Chairman of the Board of VIEROL AG, explains the increased commitment as follows: “Baskets4Life sets the right priorities in its work: Empowering young people to make more of themselves and supporting them in their development. VIEROL AG can identify with this 100 per cent, as we place great value on training and further education in our company.”

As part of its sponsor role, VIEROL supports in all main projects:

  • StreetBaskets4Life is committed to the integration of people with refugee experience and migration background, has already created more than ten streetball courts in the region, where an integrative tournament series is held and available to the public. As the main sponsor, VIEROL is also the name giver of the Fair Play Award.
  • The CEWE BASKids Primary School League offers the younger pupils in the region the opportunity to compete against children from a total of 30 schools in the north-west. The semi-finals and final of the tournament series traditionally take place in the Great EWE Arena.
  • BASKita is the youngest project and, with its focus on sport in day-care centres, ensures that Baskets4Life e.V. can offer programmes for children and young people in almost all age groups. An approach that has already met with great interest among numerous day-care centres in the region. Already after the pilot phase, 16 day-care centres with 300 children have become cooperation partners.

In addition, VIEROL will receive the naming rights for a planned summer camp or 3×3 tournament in Rastede, which are to take place annually from 2023.