VIEROL passes with innovation and adaptation

12 October 2022

21st Entrepreneur Round of the Basketball Business Club.

What do the history of evolution and the hosting of VIEROL, one of the main sponsors of EWE Baskets Oldenburg, have in common? An enormous amount, as the 50 guests at the 21st Entrepreneur Round of the Basketball Business Club discovered last Thursday evening.

Ulf Koschig, Deputy Chairman of the Board of VIEROL AG, welcomed the visitors to WERK ll, the newly built logistics plant at the Oldenburg-Nord motorway junction in Rastede – a symbol of the company’s forward-looking orientation, which is facing new challenges in the wake of the global political situation. In his speech, Koschig emphasised innovation and adaptability as essential factors in order to survive in competition.

The changing mobility is the first challenge. Although electric cars consist of significantly fewer wearing parts than the same model with an internal combustion engine, they are made of much higher-quality and more complex elements – so this does not mean a drop in sales for VIEROL. Moreover, Koschig points out, contrary to what one might expect, half a million more vehicles have been registered in recent years. Especially among young people, driving a car awakens a great passion, as the company’s own studies have shown – not least because of the freedom it brings.

Another adjustment has been made with the construction of the new logistics centre WERK ll, the location of the Entrepreneurial Circle. Here, 15000 parcels a day could be handled in a two-shift system. This will lead to a significant increase in the company’s capacity. A necessary adjustment in view of the growing demands and order situation.

VIEROL has also made great strides in the area of innovation. With its own training and innovation centre, the VIEROL Academy, the company is setting trends. Here, not only are training courses offered for VIEROL’s own employees and those of VIEROL’s customers, but also, among other things, the company’s Unique Selling Point is produced and improved – the so-called Expert Kits, repair kits put together especially for the customer. It becomes clear: VIEROL attaches great importance to customer orientation.

With foreign locations in Shanghai, Singapore and Poland, VIEROL also meets the challenges of the international market. For example, the online shops are operated around the clock and offered in six different languages. “In the future, VIEROL will further develop its range of products for all drive technologies, including hydrogen mobility,” as Koschig explained in a short excursus on the world market.

But what exactly do these developments have to do with Charles Darwin and evolution? Koschig concluded his lecture with the following quote from the natural scientist: “It is not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent species, but the one that reacts best to change!” This is how VIEROL secures its position in the world market with adjustments in production and innovations in response to new challenges.

Following Koschig’s presentation, Hermann Schüller, managing partner of EWE Baskets Oldenburg, gave an insight into the evolution of the team and the new direction under coach Pedro Calles. He is doing an excellent job and one can see how the team is already bearing his signature.

At the end of the event, the guests had the opportunity to exchange ideas and make new contacts with each other over drinks and finger food – a successful conclusion to an informative and atmospheric Thursday evening.