VIEROL is new main sponsor

19 May 2022

Previous exclusive partner expands commitment to EWE Baskets Oldenburg

A long-standing, successful partnership is entering the next stage of expansion: VIEROL AG is expanding its commitment to EWE Baskets Oldenburg and joining the circle of main sponsors for the upcoming 2022/2023 season.

VIEROL was already present as an exclusive partner with its logo on the front of the jersey directly next to the player’s number and in the TV-visible area behind both baselines on the court of the Große EWE Arena. In addition, VIEROL is involved as a sponsor of social projects of the Baskets4Life e.V..

“As a company with roots in the region, we have felt connected to the Baskets for years and want to support the development of the club even more intensively as the main sponsor! The partnership is lived with a lot of passion and commitment on both sides and we sense a lot of energy in the ranks of those responsible,” says Ulf R. Koschig, Deputy CEO of VIEROL AG.

“The club has a passionate fan base and, like us, is ambitious and goal-oriented. The great popularity guarantees VIEROL a high presence here, not only in Oldenburg, but throughout Germany,” adds Ibrahim Chahrour, Head of Marketing at VIEROL.

VIEROL AG is a globally successful specialist for electronic components and engine management in the automotive sector. The owner-managed family business with headquarters in Oldenburg and subsidiaries in Shanghai and Singapore ensures mobility worldwide. VIEROL AG supplies more than 45,000 high-quality vehicle components to 125 countries on all continents.

“It is a strong signal to the market and a big exclamation mark behind this partnership,” said Dr. Claus Andresen, authorised signatory and head of sales for the EWE Baskets. “We are coming out of a difficult phase marked by the pandemic. To know that an international player like VIEROL is now on our side with an even stronger commitment is of decisive importance for the future direction of the club.”

Both sides have agreed not to disclose the contents of the contract.