Social engagement at VIEROL

19 October 2020
For VIEROL, success and responsibility belong together. Responsibility for society and the environment determines our business activities to a large extent. It is particularly important for a globally active company like VIEROL to recognise and accept social responsibility.

Doing good together

According to the motto GOOD COMPANY, VIEROL AG has decided to support people affected by conflicts, natural disasters or social emergencies worldwide. To this end, the partnership with the German Red Cross was supported by a corporate donation and contributes to the implementation of the important and ambitious goals of the German Red Cross: To help people in need – reliably, professionally and sustainably.

A strong community

“We feel a close connection with the values and goals of the German Red Cross,” says Mirja Viertelhaus-Koschig (CEO of VIEROL AG). One of the most important principles of the German Red Cross is to help people only according to the degree of need and regardless of religion, nationality or social status. VIEROL also stands for diversity and openness! All people – regardless of gender, age, origin and other personal characteristics – are equally welcome and equal opportunities are lived.