Political change under the new President Donald Trump and the effects on the EU and Germany, as a leading export nation

12 April 2017
VIEROL AG invited 100 people from the North-West Region to an event on economic policy at the company headquarters on 06/04/2017 in the evening.

Fred B. Irwin, Honorary President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany, and David McAllister, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament, who are both competent politicians and experts, gave talks on the current topic of “Political change under the new President Donald Trump and the effects on the EU and Germany, as a leading export nation”.

After Ms Mirja Viertelhaus-Koschig had greeted the guests, Fred B. Irwin, with his decades of experience in transatlantic relationships and personal connections to leading personalities in Politics, Economics and Finance on this and the far side of the Atlantic, gave a talk on Donald Trump and political changes in the USA. His remarks on the organisational options available to a US president in comparison to predecessors in the role and their successes and failures were particular highlights. Fred B. Irwin mentioned an unprecedented type of split in American society. This was a significant reason why a populist non-politician was able to win to US presidential election.

Due to decades of close economic cooperation, the considerable investments made on both sides of the Atlantic and the comprehensive financial links, Fred B. Irwin is convinced that transatlantic alliance is so strong that even President Donald Trump cannot and will not change it.

With an impressive talk, David McAllister very clearly explained which tasks the EU has to complete on an urgent basis to not only adjust to the new political situation, but more importantly encourage the EU to become a strong community, including measures for a uniform financial and tax law; and for common foreign, security and asylum policy, etc.

Europe is the biggest and strongest economic area consisting of 27 democratic countries with a free market economy. In particular, it is an area that citizens can live in and benefit from in peace and freedom. Maintaining and further developing this area is the right thing to do.

Dr Alexander Will, Head of News at the Nordwest-Zeitung, also contributed his insightful questions to the subsequent podium discussion. This discussion was led by Mirja Viertelhaus-Koschig, Chairwoman of VIEROL AG.

The event concluded with an intensive exchange of information and opinion between the guests. The event was a success for all participants.