Laying of the foundation stone for the new logistics building Plant II

07 July 2020
Foundation stone laid in Rastede: VIEROL AG’s innovative and climate-neutral logistics centre to open in mid 2021

A further milestone has been reached in the construction of the new VIEROL logistics centre Plant II.

VIEROL AG continues to invest in the future and on July 7, 2020, VIEROL AG laid the foundation stone for the construction of the new logistics centre in Rastede, Lower Saxony, together with representatives of the city and construction companies. Subsequently, taking into account the current COVID-19 guidelines, a time capsule was sunk together with Rastedes Lord Mayor Lars Krause, District Administrator Jörg Bensberg and the VIEROL AG Board of Directors, represented by Mirja Viertelhaus-Koschig (CEO of VIEROL AG). Guest of honour among the few invited guests was Christian Wulff, former Federal President and former Minister President of Lower Saxony, who also attended the laying of the foundation stone for Plant I in 2005.

The investment of 20 million euros in a new logistics centre became necessary after only 15 years because, according to Mirja Viertelhaus-Koschig, “the capacity limits were reached in the existing warehouse after only 10 years. An expansion of the existing warehouse was unfortunately not possible for various reasons. VIEROL had already purchased the new property from the municipality of Rastede in 2015. Until recently, the plans for the new warehouse were continually updated due to the company’s steady growth. Among other things, a high-bay warehouse, an adit warehouse and a shelf warehouse will be built at the new location. The hall will be up to 20 m high and is conveniently located directly on the B211 trunk road near the Oldenburg-Nord motorway junction. The existing logistics centre will be expanded into a service centre for product development and manufacture of ready-made products for automobiles.

Plant II will be a state-of-the-art and CO2-neutral logistics centre, which is scheduled to go into operation in mid 2021. The plant will be built according to the KfW55 standard. As a result, far less energy will be consumed than in a comparable new building without additional efficiency measures. The sustainable energy concept includes a complete power supply from regenerative energies, rainwater recovery. The plant’s own environmentally friendly electricity is to be generated by means of a modern photovoltaic system and a biogas plant.

On the photo: from left to right: Christian Wulff (former German President), Jürgen R. Viertelhaus (founder of VIEROL AG) Michael Krone, Ulf R. Koschig, Jürgen K. Kiese, Mirja Viertelhaus-Koschig (all members of the VIEROL AG board of directors), Arndt Biester (Hellmich Bauunternehmen, Dinslaken)