Early extension: VIEROL expands multi-year commitment to EWE Baskets

15 November 2019
The basketball season only started a few weeks ago and there is already a special kind of success story to report: EWE Baskets Oldenburg and its exclusive partner, VIEROL AG, have agreed on a multi-year extension.

Successful partnership between VIEROL and EWE BASKETS

Actually, the current contract does not expire yet, but due to the good cooperation it has already been extended for further years. VIEROL is very satisfied with the cooperation so far, so that nothing stood in the way of an early extension.

“The cooperation with one of the best German basketball clubs with an international reputation is so successful that we have decided to extend our commitment well before the existing contract expires,” says Ulf R. Koschig, Deputy Chairman of VIEROL AG. “VIEROL and the Baskets are two success-oriented brands with strong roots in the region,” confirms Ibrahim Chahrour, Head of Marketing at VIEROL.

VIEROL, the international specialist for electronic components and engine management in the automotive sector, has been placed prominently in large letters with its logo on the yellow home jersey and on the parquet in the EWE Arena behind the baseline since its entry as an exclusive partner, also with a view to TV broadcasts of the home games. Both partners have agreed not to disclose any further details of the contract.

VIEROL is an important partner

For EWE Baskets, the extension of the partnership is also highly relevant, so that both partners benefit equally from this cooperation. “This is an important element in enabling us to continue operating successfully in the BBL and on the international stage,” says Dr. Claus Andresen, authorised signatory and Head of Sales at EWE Baskets. “Planning security – with an innovative partner in addition – is of decisive importance for us in a constantly changing competitive environment”.